(7-9 February 2017, Crocus Expo Centre, Pavilion 1)

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ForuM Schedule

7 FEBRUARY 2017 

12:00 - 14:00

Media without Borders, Roundtable

Part 1. 12:00 – 12:30

Yuri Pripachkin, President, Russian CATV Association
Yana Churikova, Head of Youth and Music Channels, VIACOM

Discussion Topics:

  • Russia-China cooperation in the media industry; vectors of cooperation 
  • Promoting Russian content in the Chinese market   
  • Developing new media; media industry growth rates in the two countries


  • Alexey Volin, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, co-chair of the Russia-China Media Cooperation Committee
  • Cyril Lysko, CEO, Digital TV
  • Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO, Signal Media
  • Kirill Filipov, CEO, SPB TV
  • A representative of Huawei
Part 2. 12:30 – 14:00

Yuri Pripachkin, President, Russian CATV Association
Yana Churikova, Head of MTV Russia

Discussion Topics:

1. Regulatory initiatives in the sector

  • Connecting operator's network to the mandatory TV channels distribution points. Pain points around network coverage and signal transmission format (MPEG-2/MPEG-4). Assessing quality of the digital signal, and areas of the broadcaster's and operator's responsibility.
  • Amendments into the Federal Law On Telecommunications. Non-discriminatory access to the apartment blocks' infrastructure for installation of telecom networks. New regulation on interrelations between operators and house management companies / condominium partnerships.
New business-models in the multi-channel digital TV market. Which of the long existing models remain efficient?

  • To what extent can cable and satellite TV operator's ARPU can be increased by means of extra services that inevitably lead to opex growth? 
  • How does the pricing policy 'Price Forever' introduced by Russian operators affect the market? Who gets the benefits: operators, subscribers or pay channels? 

2. Cost of competitive content for the pay TV market and ways to recover the costs

  • Have the viewers' preferences changed after the consolidation of the Russian pay TV market?
  • Has the competition between domestic and international TV products become stronger? How material is it? Competition trends and implications  
  • Is the modern viewer going from the background to focused viewing? Most sought-after topics of TV packages.


Alexey Volin, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia 
A representative of Roskomnadzor
A representative of RTRN
Alexey Kholodov, CEO, Tricolor TV 
Sergey Nazarov, President of ACADO Group
Natalia Bratchikova, Head of  Marketing, Fixed Business and TV Department, MTS
Mikhail Demin, CEO, NTV-PLUS
Dmitry Mednikov, Deputy CEO of VGTRK
Cyril Lysko, Head of Digital TV
Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO, Signal Media
Elena Balmont, Head of VIACOM Russia, Ukraine, CIS and Baltic States
Oleg Grischenko, President of Association ROSTELESET
16:00 - 18:00

Press-conference of  NTV-PLUS

15:00 - 17:00

Press-conference of Tricolor TV

14:30 - 16:30

Round Table: The Immediate Technological Future of Russian TV

Organized by: GS Group Investment and Industrial Holding and Moscow R&D TV Institute 

15:00 - 18:00

Ultra HD production and broadcasting

Co-organized by:  Comunicare Digitale Association

Technological Partner: Panasonic
Andrea M. Michelozzi, President of Comunicare Digitale
Nikolay Orlov, CEO of the First HDTV
  Schedule to be advised

8 FEBRUARY 2017 


Satellite multi-service networks and service: broadcasting and potential B2B and B2C applications

Co-organized by: Telesputnik magazine      
Supported by: Global VSAT Forum
Partners of the session:
Hughes Network Systems, Intelsat, Skyline Communications, Gazprom Space Systems, Newtec
  Moderator: Vsevolod Kolyubakin, Co-Editor, Tele-Sputnik
  Satellite VSAT communication: current status and development prospects  Yuri Fomin, Head of Sales, Hughes Network Systems
  Topic to be determined Representative of Gazprom Space Systems JSC 
  Cooperation instead of competition Yulia Shakhmanova, CEO, Satellite TV JSC
  International players entering the Russian Pay-TV market in the existing circumstances Andrey Trufanov, Head of Telecom Services, Orion Group 
  Topic to be determined Representative of MTS
  Topic to be determined Andrey Shestakov, CEO, Telecom-Project-5 LLC 
  Discussion of the key points raised
13:30-14:30 Break

Telecom solutions for governments, businesses and individuals 

  Moderator: Sergey Pekhterev, Head of AltegroSky Group
  Topic to be determined AltegroSky Group
  Big data and satellite networks  Mario Ivanov, Regional Director, Intelsat
  Managing media and data transmission services in hybrid fiber-optic, wireless and satellite networks Eldar Mamedov, Regional Account-Manager, Russia and CIS, Skyline Communications
  Mobile broadband communication with sea ships and aircraft  Maxim Baranyuk, Senior Expert, Morsvyazsputnik 
  Topic to be determined Mikhail Kaigorodov, CEO, ISAT Global Xpress (Inmarsat)
  Trends in satellite telecom  Maxim Zharenov, Space Technology and Telecom Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation 
  Skiff, a high-speed non-geostationary satellite system of Internet access - beyond fiber, beyond 5G, beyond OneWeb Viktor Doniants, CEO of D.C. Orbital
  High-speed satellite systems LEO/MEO/HEO-HTS - current status and development prospects  Andrey Gritsenko, CEO of Severnaya Korona (Northern Crown) Information Space Centre (JSC)
  Marketing initiatives to boost  mass B2C market of broadband satellite communication in the absence of state support   Vladimir Skripnik, Satellite Mega Internet 
  No presentation planned Evgeny Budyinov, Deputy CEO, Head of Innovation, Kosmicheskaya Svyaz (Space Communication), State Company 
  Discussion of the key points raised
11:00 - 14:00

TMT industry in the Experience Economy

Partner: AR and VR Association 
  Moderator: Ilya Ovcharenko, Creative Producer, GameShow Mediaholding
  Overmap.  Real-time TV graphics. Visualization of highway traffic  Dennis Yuzhanin, Head of Development Department, Vizart
  To be determined Andrey Kolesnikov, Head of the IoT Association 
  AR/VR (augmented / virtual reality) – today or in the distant future Ekaterina Filatova, Head of AVRA
  To be determined Cyril Philippov, CEO SPB TV
  Videogaming industry as the main entertainment driver in the universe  Ilya Ovcharenko, Creative Producer, GameShow Mediaholding
  Innovations in business in the times of VR and AR  Igor Akulinin, Business Consultant, HUAWEI 
  To be determined Vitaly Shoob 
  Yandex inside: online video content  Marya Sorokina, Head of Business development, Yandex.Mediaservices; Irina Skripnikova, Head of Video Advertising Group, Yandex 
  Financial services and e-commerce in media products Anna Kuzmina, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer,  Yandex.Money
  To be determined Zaur Besolov, Deputy CEO, RFI Bank  
14:00 - 14:30 Break
14:30 - 18:00

New business models and approaches in the TMT industry 

  Moderator: Vladimir Valkovitch, CTO, Virgin Connect
  Partner projects with providers of TMT solutions - efficient way to minimize challenges faced by the regional providers  Vyacheslav Dombrovsky-Syrovatsky, CEO of Elat R&D Company; Nikolay Mikhailov, Head of IPTVPORTAL
  Evolution of telecom outsourcing: new platforms and technologies  Andrey Yatsenko, CEO of Gorsvyaz
  Outsourcing and outstaffing - building an efficient cooperation model   Vladimir Valkovitch, CTO, Virgin Connect
  Looking for a business partner with a view for long-term OTT partner relations  Alexander Kisselevitch, Managing Partner, Smotreshka
  Telecom and OTT - cooperation models  Alexander Chernyaev, Lead Manager, Huawei
  Strategies and practical approaches to creating non-linear media: international experience  Alexander Ermakov, CEO of BroadView Russia
  Cloud technologies for the media sector  Sergey Platonov, Head of Product Development, RAIDIX
  Simple solutions for small and medium operators. Entering the interactive TV market without excessive risks  Sergey Kryukov, Head of Sales, Russia and CIS,  SmartLabs; Vladislav Ilchenko, Deputy CEO, Tvzavr
  Satellite networks as CDN platforms for the OTT Nikolay Milovanov, CTO, Elecard
  Partnership programmes for IPTV introduction  - how to add a TMT service without losing your subscribers  Alexander Chagin, Chief Commercial Officer, Hom IPTV


Co-organizer: Internet-Video Association

  Moderator: Alexey Byrdin, Head of the Internet Video Association  
10:30-10:45 Introduction. Vision of the 'OTT.Future' forum. Basic awareness of OTT. Key terms and definitions, business models, risks and opportunities, purposes and mission of the TV/video industry  Alexey Byrdin,  Head of the Internet Video Association  
10:45-12:30 Analytical Section. Round Table: Russian and international OTT market 
  Round Table: Russian and International OTT Market
Participants: Konstantin Ankilov, CEO of TMT Consulting; Dmitry Kolesov, Director of TV and Content Department, J’son & Partners Consulting; Denis Kuskov, CEO, TelecomDaily News Agency; Karen Kazaryan, Senior Researcher, RAEC

Part I. Global Market

  Current status and global trends of the OTT service development (volumes, models, growth rates, operator and independent services) 
  Comparing Pay TV and OTT video market sizes (revenues, content, audiences)   
  Overview of  global leaders of online video (YouTube, Netflix, etc.)  
  General discussion

Part 2. Russian market 

  Place of OTT TV and VOD services in the Russian media market (revenues, content, audiences) 
  Major trends in the markets of independent and operator OTT services in Russia 
  Qualitative and quantitative growth of OTT video services in Russia. Forecasting 
  General Discussion, new presenters to join 
12:30-13:20 Round Table: growth of the Russian market of OTT video services. Points of growth, challenges, and regulation

Participants: Mikhail Goryachev (Tricolor), Andrey Kushnarev (MegaLabs), Victor Chekanov (Megogo), Oleg Grishenko (Rosteleset), Mikhail Medrysh (Acado), Alexander Shirokikh (NAT), Mikhail Silin (CATV association), Anton Petukhov (NRA)
Key challenges in the OTT TV service market as part of the wider TV market (discussion)


  Round Table. OTT TV service for Broadband/TV operator: partnership, "from the box" or "handmade"

Participants: SPB TV (Dmitry Philippov), LANTA (Alexander Vasilyev), MicroImpulse (Tatiana Moskaleva), Beeline (Maria Reznik), Irdeto (Andrey Silanchev) , Orion Express (Elena Yachmennikova), Skyline (Eldar Mamedov)
15:45-16:45 Round Table. VOD in a partner model 

Participants: Amediateka (Gorshkov), IVI (Makarov), representatives of: TVzavr, Megogo, TELE2, Rosteleset, Tricolor TV
16:45-17:30 OTT for broadcasters: why and how?
  Grigory Uryev (Synterra), Anatoly Vorontsov (DaltonMedia), Natalia Grishkina (Yandex)

Forum of Regional Operators 

  General Partner: Digital TV Family by Channel One Russia Worldwide
Partner: First HDTV
Co-organized by: Rosteleset Association, Cableman internet media
  Moderators: Yana Belskaya , Editor in Chief, Cableman internet media; and Oleg Grishenko, President of Rostelet Association 
  Experience of Belarus colleagues  Sergey Starovoitov, Expert, Managing Partner of TelecomBelMedia; Petr Stankevitch, Head of BelBusinessChannel
  Operator's own telco as a marketing strategy  Yana Belskaya , Editor-in-Chief, Cableman internet media
  How to overcome the inferiority complex of a minor operator  Zharkyn Tursynov, Managing Partner, Smotreshka
  Experience of First TVCh in promoting TV channels by means of joint campaigning with cable operators  Nikolay Orlov, CEO of the First HDTV
  Round Table: Does 'a la carte' have any future? What are the concerns of channels and operators in distributing the revenues? Cooperation between channels and operators as a driver of revenues. Broadcasters and operators are invited. Participants: Denis Gorshkov, CEO of A-Media; Maria Gorbik, CEO of Contact; Natalia Nemova, Chief Commercial Officer of Viasat; Ekaterina Ivandikova, Head of Sales, RedMedia
  Content policy of operators, market changes, imperatives of the time Vitaly Korneev, Head of Content Committee, Rosteleset
  Expansion of EPG, plans to create a common product for the entire ROSTELESET  Alexander Vasiliev, CEO of LANTA, Tambov 
  Recommendations on connecting operators to RTRN for the sake of mandatory TV channels  Oleg Grishenko, President of ROSTELESET
  Functioning of REVIZOR website suppression control system. Overview of ready-made solutions Technology Committee of ROSTELESET
  From video intercom towards smart house and smart city  Vladimir Limonov, Director of REAL, Astrakhan
  Major mistakes of operators in building data centres  Dmitry Popkov, Head of Engineering Design Unit, OMEGA, Yekaterinburg
  Managing and developing a large contact-centre; prospects of a large contact centre Renat Sultanov, Head of Contact Centre at Ufanet 
  Round Table. The experience of 'living in' with mega telcos  Pavel Modelin, CEO of Telemir, Lipetsk
  Aggregation of support of expensive vendors, joining the costs Andrey Urlin, Head of Technological Committee of Rosteleset 
  SORM-3: solutions for operators  Dmitry Katayev, Head of Technical Support at Norsi-Trans 
  Round Table on the implementation of the Yarovaya Law  Oleg Grishenko, President of Rosteleset; Mikhail Medrish, Head of Operations of Acado Telecom; Iskandar Bakhtiarov, CEO of Ufanet ; Dmitry Katayev, Head of Technical Support, Norsi-Trans 
  Challenges of today for Association ROSTELESET 

9 FEBRUARY 2017 


Legal advice: Law on telecom and Media

Moderator: Elena Gultayeva, Legal Counsel of the CATV Association 
  General overview Elena Gultayaeva, Legal Counsel, CATV Association 
  Legal compliance of content to be distributed in Russia  Yuri Korchuganov, Junior Partner, Head of TMT Practice, MGAP Law Firm
  Legal risks for telecom and media in 2017,  mitigation techniques Pavel Katkov, Founder, Owner and Senior Partner of Katkov and Co Law Firm, lecturer at the Russian state Academy of Intellectual Property of Rospatent, national intellectual property rights regulator, member of the Council  on Intellectual Property of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, member of the Association of Lawyers of Russia 
  To be determined Tatiana Nikiforova, Advisor in Intellectual Property at Dentons
  Legal aspects of telcos' operations (to be determined) Evgeny Leonov, Senior Lawyer, Pepelyayev Group
  Legal regulation of advertising in the Internet : enforcing the challenges  Irina Akimova, Advisor, Head of Antitrust Practice, Capital Legal Services
  Anti-pirate legislation and its enforcement in 2016-2017 Roman Lukyanov, Founder and Partner, of Semenov & Pevzner Law Firm 
10:30 - 16:00

Creating and Promoting a niche channel 

Master classes co-organized by: Cableman Internet Media
Moderators: Yana Belskaya , Editor-in-Chief of Cableman Internet Media; Regina Yurkina,  Mediabrand 
  Digital promotion of pay TV from the "working bees' " point of view  – creativity, investments, efficiency  Polina Zimina, Independent Expert
Vadim Bolbot, Fat Digital Agency
  How to make announcements and releases: do's and don’ts from the PR perspective  Maria Degtyareva, PR Director, Blogger and Expert
  Automation systems for 'on the spot' TV production  Yaroslav Polyakov, Managing Partner of  MeditProfi
  Structuring the broadcasting time by means of design and promotion. Overview of rebranding cases in 2016. Regina Yurkina, CEO of Mediabrand; representatives of TV channels 
  What is the cost of content? Buying domestic and international content, localization and programming Svetlana Gabunya, CEO of SDI Media Russia
  What is the cost of content? Buying domestic and international content, nuances of localization Dennis Gorshkov, CEO of A-media
  What is the cost of content? Cost of production of content Ekaterina Kovaleva, Lead Producer, Pyatnitsa (Friday) TV Channel 
  Localization of TV content  Valery Dovbnya, CEO of CYRILLICA
  Analysis of off-air channels (subject matter of the analysis will be programmes nominated for the Big Digit contest) Experts:
Ekaterina Kovaleva, Lead producer of Pyatnitsa (Friday) TV Channel
Roman Toloknov, Creative Director
Alexander Zhelesnyakov, Engineer, Broadcasting Equipment Unit, Panasonic
Olga Sherstobitova, Lead Content Procurement Manager at Vimpelcom
Mikhail Goryachev, Head of Content, National Satellite Company
  Building TV brand of a news channel  Jack Khanik, TV expert (USA)

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