TV channels; VOD content

Cable and Satellite TV   


  • Subscriber home equipment

  • Satellite receiving antennae

  • Professional satellite receivers and transmitters

  • Head ends and amplifiers for cable networks

  • Passive distribution equipment for cable networks

  • Optical equipment for cable networks, optical fiber

  • Coaxial and fiber-optic cable

  • Hardware and software for the reverse channel  in TV networks

  • Equipment for wireless TV networks

  • Control, test and measuring equipment

  • Conditional Access Systems

  • Subscription service systems


  • Online video services

  • VoD

  • CDN network

  • Cloud based solutions for TV

  • Multiscreen

Interactive services

  • Catch-up TV

  • EPG

  • Time-shifting

  • Pay-per-view

Digital terrestrial TV

  • Studio equipment
  • Equipment for production and post-production

  • TV transmitters

  • Receiving antenna and set-top boxes

  • Mobile television stations

  • Automated TV broadcasting system

  • Digital archiving systems

  • Equipment for media measurement

System integration

Telecom technologies, solutions and services

Cabled networks (FTTx, xDSL, Ethernet)

Mobile communications (equipment and data services)

Satellite communications


  • Satellite operators

  • Equipment for satellite reception and broadcasting

  • Broadband satellite services

  • VSAT technologies

  • Satellite Internet

  • Industry solutions for public customers

IP-Telephony (equipment, solutions and services)

Data networks


  • Mobile networks (LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G)

  • Fixed broadband (FTTx, xDSL, Ethernet, Li-Fi)

Network equipment

  • Transceiver, measurement and control equipment

  • Uninterruptible power systems

  • Cabinets & racks

  • Structured cabling systems and their installation

Telecommunication equipment

  • Head-ends

  • Server equipment

  • Radio relay equipment

  • Antenna towers, antenna masts

  • Cables - optical, fiber optic, copper, coaxial

Storage (NAS)

Data storage and processing centers (DATA-centers)


  • Mobile applications

  • Billing systems and customer care

  • Cloud solutions and services

  • Application software for the telecommunications industry

  • Public sector solutions

  • Big Data, solutions for data processing and analysis

  • Information security, data storage and protection


  • Software development, information systems and applications

  • System integration, development and implementation of IT solutions

Internet-based technologies and services


  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Internet service providers

  • Internet services for mobile devices

  • Search engines

  • Social TV and networks

  • Services and applications 

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