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SITE Hall: 4 Booth: 4-409 Set up a meeting
SITE Hall: 3 Booth: 3-Р8 Set up a meeting
Address: 603028, 7 Komsomolskoye Shosse, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
Phone: +8 (831) 279-92-22
E-mail: mail@3angels.ru
Contact person: Tatiana Malysheva
"Three Angels" satellite channel is a TV channel of more than 10,000 authentic programs, which cover various subjects: health, parenting, cooking, music, history, children's programs. Even more – it is HD quality, large audience and free broadcasting of any program. We are loved and wanted, because the Channel is focused on universal family and human values.
SITE Hall: 3 Booth: 3-351 Set up a meeting
SITE Hall: 4 Booth: 4-400 Set up a meeting
Address: 117535,
Phone: +7 (495) 411-71-71
E-mail: info@akado-telecom.ru
Site: www.akado.ru
JSC "COMCOR" (trademark "AKADO Telecom") is the first Moscow cabel TV operator that provides broadband Internet services, digital and analog TV services to customers. It also provides modern communication services via multiservice fibre optic network (data transmission, VPN construction, data security, defence techniques against DDoS attacks, etc.) together with cloud storage technologies of its own Data center to corporate clients. We work with a wide range of clients, including SMEs, major commercial entities, credit institutions and trading holdings. "COMCOR" is a leading Moscow telecom operator that renders telecommunication services to executive bodies and health facilities.

Group of companies "AKADO" is a telecom holding owned by group of companies "RENOVA". "AKADO" group operates in Moscow and the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region, and also in Minsk (Republic of Belarus).
SITE Hall: 4 Booth: 4-476 Set up a meeting
Address: 432072, 3, Inzhenerniy ave.24, Ulianovsk, Russia
Phone: +7 (842) 225 0648
E-mail: almet@supral.ru;
Moscow representative of  JSC “AlMet”  2,bild.1, ave. Marshal Zhukov , office 37, Moscow, Russia, 123308, tel. +7-985-103-62-96;  fax. +7-499-946-70-76; e-mail: 1036296@gmail.com JSC “AlMet” (Russia) specializes on manufacturing of satellite antennas since 1990. Basic production of a factory is a wide choice of receiving antennas “SUPRAL” of different modifications with the sizes from 0,4 up to 5,0 meters in diameter. “AlMet” is a basic supplier of antennas in all territory of Russia and in more then in 15th of near and far foreign countries.
SITE Hall: 3 Booth: 3-351 Set up a meeting
SITE Hall: 3 Booth: 3-306A Set up a meeting
SITE Hall: 3 Booth: 3-331 Set up a meeting
SITE Hall: 4 Booth: 4-462 Set up a meeting
Address: 0283, Lilleakerveien 2b, Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 47 37 70 13
E-mail: info@appeartv.com
Appear TV, is dedicated to designing world class equipment for delivery of professional video services via any infrastructure. The company’s mission is to deliver unique products that open up new opportunities for video transportation ensuring picture perfect quality to any screen anytime in the delivery chain. The main part of the company’s product range is centered around the XC Series platforms. It is designed following a modular philosophy, which provides flexibility and high density combined with unmatched reliability.
SITE Hall: 3 Booth: 3-380 Set up a meeting
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