THEMA, The Best Channels for the Best Operators!


THEMA, The Best Channels for the Best Operators!

THEMA, The Best Channels for the Best Operators! THEMA is specialized in the development and the worldwide distribution of thematic, generalist and ethnic TV channels to cable, IPTV, DTH, operators and also for mobile packages and OTT. 

THEMA operates on key markets from its Head Office in Paris, subsidiaries in Singapore, New York and Moscow and a network of agencies in Europe. 

International representative offices allow THEMA to have a strong influence on the pay-TV markets worldwide and to deliver tailored services on legal, technical, commercial and marketing areas to its partners, the channels and the payTV platforms.
THEMA is also attending the main pay TV events and conferences around the world every year, such as MIPCOM & MIPTV, CSTB, CASBAA, TRK, HCA, APOS, Communic’ASIA, etc. 

The opening of the Moscow office in 2011 extended the distribution coverage to one of the largest pay TV market in the world.
THEMA Russian branch is one of the most quickly developing TV channels distributor in the market which makes premium international TV channels trust THEMA RUS to be their exclusive representative in Russia and CIS countries.

THEMA‘s portfolio is constantly expanding and offers a wide range of strong thematic and premium HD channels including:
TV5MONDE is the leading general entertainment global network in French, having 9 different regionalized signals. The channel is broadcasted 24/7 throughout all of Europe and offers up to 40 hours of subtitled programmes per week in Russian. The TV5MONDE HD has become available for the viewers in Russia since the year 2014. HD is the well-being and wellness channel. The most spectacular landscapes from locations around the world and the latest wellness trends with live specialists coaches are on HD. 100% High-Definition 24 hours-a-day, centered around the balance between mind and body, HD also offers a catalog of VOD programs made of coaching sessions categorized by type of relaxation. From 2015 myZen.TV HD will be available fully in the Russian language.

C Music TV HD is the world’s first & only satellite, cable, and IPTV channel dedicated to Classical, Cinematic & Crossover music-videos. C Music TV combines classical, cinematic and ambient music-videos with artist interviews, live performance excerpts and behind the scenes features.

FUEL TV HD - is the action sports lifestyle channel for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross, and wakeboarding.
Featuring original and commissioned series, special shows, films and prestigious events from around the world, the channel showcases action sport athletes, rising musicians, celebrities and exclusive news.
iConcerts HD, the first HD TV Channel dedicated to Live Music, features live performances by bestselling artists in all popular genres. To complement the HDTV broadcast, iConcerts On-Demand offers the world's largest digital concert library.

LUXE.TV HD offers a coverage of worldly Luxury affairs and a wide range of exclusive programmes specifically dedicated to Luxury World daily news and events.

Motors TV, the 'High Speed Television' channel, is the undisputed home of international motorsport with coverage of cars, bikes boats and planes from the major worldwide championships and LIVE events broadcast each weekend..
Motors TV is the destination for motorsport fans across Europe to watch 1300 hours of fresh programming.

MUSEUM HD brings the most famous word collections of art to your home. Every viewer gets an opportunity to visit the world’s best art galleries and museums: the Hermitage Museum, Louvre, the Orsay Museum etc. and to see the most famous paintings.

JSTV – The only Japanese channel distributed in Europe solely in the Japanese language. JSTV delivers a wide range of the latest Japanese programs: live news, dramas, documentaries, sports, award winning films/animations

THEMA, The Best Channels for the Best Operators!
27 November