Lunas.TV-1 creators are looking for partners and investors


Lunas.TV-1 creators are looking for partners and investors

Lunas.TV-1 creators are looking for partners and investors

The media age dictates the conditions: it isn't enough to handy have the phone and broadband, or TV-set at home. The informational society requires the constant mobility. This situation makes Russian developers seeking new opportunities to match the pace of human life, which a modern world is waiting fr om. The technological map of Russia and abroad still has white spots: places where an access to sources of the information is possible only via expensive satellite communications and the Internet.

ELAT RND employees decided to make life easier, and developed Lunas.TV-1 device that allows you to watch digital TV on mobile devices, even wh ere there is no any broadband access.

Buying Lunas.TV-1 will not hit the pocket and watching favorite films and programs can be simultaneously in five smartphones Android or iOS, Windows. Users do not need to worry about subscription fees. The client pays money for the device only at the purchase, rest of the time watching free-to-air digital channels.

The recommended retail price is set - 3500 rubles. Now the Lunas.TV-1 is ready for the serial production. But the developers are faced with the only problem: the necessary parts for the assembling must be purchased abroad, they are not produced in Russia. The supplier ships only in bulk, investments are needed.

The competitiveness of the Lunas.TV-1 is not in doubt. The pocket-sized device is able to receive the TV signal in the entire base stations coverage area (90% of the territory of Russia), Europe and CIS countries. The Internet connection is necessary once to download the app. The mobile device via Wi-Fi is connected to Lunas.TV-1, which receives the digital television signal.


28 December