Elemental’s Newest Strategic Partners – Aligning with Telstra and Sky


Elemental’s Newest Strategic Partners – Aligning with Telstra and Sky

Elemental’s Newest Strategic Partners – Aligning with Telstra and Sky December 22, 2014. Attribution to Sam Blackman

With our series D funding announcement today, industry watchers may ask: why is now the right time for Elemental to accept strategic investment from key customers? As with any financing round, the timing and the deal need to be right. But fundamentally, it boils down to a shared belief that we can all evolve faster if we’re strategically aligned around a core goal of transforming the media landscape. In many ways, 2015 will mark an inflection point for the video industry as content creators and aggregators deliver ever-more innovative multiscreen services. Furthermore, as the number of video-capable IP devices heads to 15 billion according to Ericsson, next-generation software-defined video infrastructure is required to support gigascale video distribution.

Elemental is disrupting the video infrastructure market. In our quest to perfect the media experience, we aim to lead the industry towards new approaches to video delivery with software-defined video solutions. Software-defined video (SDV) is a framework, an architecture, and a platform all in one, and it’s becoming the de facto standard for media companies looking to keep pace with the rate of change and emerging opportunities in our industry. To date, software-defined video solutions from Elemental have been adopted by more than 600 customers in more than 55 countries, and we are continuing to gain momentum.

Telstra and Sky recognize that partnering with innovators is a key to long-term success, and we recognize that we have an enormous amount to learn from these dominant business franchises. With an industry inflection point upon us, this alignment among market leaders will speed the transition to software-defined video architectures. For Telstra, Elemental’s video solutions are fundamental to its next-generation network strategy, which it is rapidly evolving to software, virtualization and cloud-based workflows. As our shared news today indicates, Telstra will use Elemental products across its large portfolio of media properties. For Sky, Elemental solutions support its current multiscreen OTT Sky Go properties, and as SDV architectures continue to mature, we believe there will be additional opportunities to collaborate in the future.

For Elemental, the investment aligns us strategically with two of the most innovative and powerful operators in their respective regions. Together, Telstra, Sky and Elemental can further the progress towards a shared vision of software-defined video solutions that are highly scalable, flexible and upgradable and which lower the barriers to bringing content to any device.
22 December