Applications receipt for participation in Bolshaya Tsifra 2018 National Award is over


Applications receipt for participation in Bolshaya Tsifra 2018 National Award is over

More than 160 applications for participation in a prestigious branch-wise competition have been processed by the arrangements committee of the Award. Now nominees’ fate will be defined by the professional jury headed by Anatoly Grigorievich Lysenko, the President of the International TV and Radio Academy, Director General of the Russian Public TV (OTR). The jury of the Award again involves reputable experts of TV and telecommunications market in Russia, leading field-oriented journalists and industry representatives. Each of them will have to make a choice on nominations within their competence, and then by summing up the votes the organizers will choose the most worthy of the candidates.

It’s important to keep in mind that for some nominations choice of the professional jury is not the only way to receive the long-awaited Bolshaya Tsifra Award of 2018. In the “TV channels” category the Audience Choice Award is no less welcomed. It is awarded following the results of the open voting of the audience for their favorite TV channels on the award website.

Please, note that this year the audience has more opportunities. In favor of niche TV development the list of TV channels nomination list has been extensively expanded suggesting more convenient gradation on subject blocks. For example, children’s content has been divided into a few nominations (depending on age categories) as well as sport channels and hobbies channels. “Adults Channels” finally got their own nomination. As in the past year the audience can vote from December 1 till December 15, on these days it is necessary just to go to the website of the Award

In 2018 the Bolshaya Tsifra Award will be held for the 9th time and it unites key players of the multi-channel digital TV market again. “Service Operator Companies”, “Technologies and Equipment” categories remain traditional for the Award which will allow introducing the latest technological novelties of delivery and digital TV services management.

Declaring the winners of the 9th Bolshaya Tsifra National Award for Multi-channel Digital TV will take place on January 31, 2018 on the second working day of the 20th anniversary CSTB. Telecom & Media 2018 exhibition and forum in the TV and communications spheres.

The professional jury will soon start the work; their line-up inspires confidence even to skeptics.

“Service Operator Company” Category. Supported by Tele-Sputnik Magazine

  • Category coordinator: Danila Shepovalnikov, Director General, Telesputnik OJSC
  • Nikolay Orlov, Director General, Pervy TVCH CJSC
  • Mikhail Silin, Vice-President, AKTR (Russian TV and Radiobroadcasting Network)
  • Leonid Konik, Director General, Publishing Editor-in-chief, COMNEWS Group of Companies
  • Sergey Koshlyakov, Deputy Director General, VGTRK Digital TV
  • Andrey Salnikov, Director of TV Channels distribution to CIS and Baltic States Administration, Channel One. Global Network CJSC
  • Igor Shestakov, First Deputy Director – Chief of TPO Russia-1, TV Channel Russia GTK
  • Alla Maslova, Business Development Director, Telco Media
  • Irina Ilyina, Executive Director, Universal Distribution
  • Irina Dorogan, Producer General, Red Media Creative Production Association Holding
  • Denis Kuskov, Director General, Telecom Daily
  • Dmitry Kolesov, TV and Content Department Director, J’son & Partners Consulting
  • Elena Balmont, Vice-President, Director General of Viacom International Media Networks in Russia, Ukraine, CIS and Baltic States
  • Alexey Krol, Director General, Viasat
  • Anatoly Zyablitsky, Chairman of Board of Directors of Content Union Company

“Technologies and Equipment” Category. Supported by Internet-video Association

  • Category Coordinator: Aleksey Byrdin, Director General, Internet-video Association
  • Zharkyn Tursynov, Partner, Development Director, LifeStream (Smotreshka)
  • Andrey Kholodny, Deputy Director General, Tricolor TV
  • Fedor Ezhov, Vice-President on international mobile products, Yandex
  • Vladimir Kudryashov, Product Technical Development Director, AMEDIA TV (
  • Konstantin Saltykov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of Technical Department, Group of Companies “Orion”
  • Viktor Pinchuk, First Deputy Managing Director General of Russian TV and Radiobroadcasting Network (AKTR) for management, operation and development of the network, FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) AKTR
  • Boris Tomilin, Project Manager, TV solutions Department, TB KC Mobile TeleSystems PJSC
  • Oleg Grischenko, President, ROSTELESET Association
  • Andrey Gromovsky, Managing Director, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Russia & CIS
  • Irina Levova, Strategic Projects Director, Internet Research Institute
  • Sergey Storozhev, IT-Department Head of Web-Streaming Directorate, Channel One OJSC
  • Gregory Kuzin, Medialogistics Project Director, MSK-IX

“TV Channels” Category. “TV Programs” Sub-category. Supported by Cableman Portal

  • Category Coordinator: Yana Belskaya, Editor-in-chief of Cableman Internet portal
  • Olga Sherstobitova, Content Purchase Leading Manager, VimpelCom OJSC
  • Kseniya Borovikova, Chief of Multiplatform Content Division, ER-Telecom Holding CJSC
  • Mikhail Goryachev, Content Director, National Satellite Company CJSC
  • Lyubov Kuznetsova, Head of TV Guide Monitoring and Processing Department of Retransmitted TV Channels, NTV-PLUS OJSC
  • Natalya Bratchikova, Fix Business and TV Marketing Department Director, Mobile TeleSystems PJSC
  • Marina Levochkina, TV Products Program Policy Manager, Megalabs CJSC
  • Andrey Batanov, Director General, NETBYNET
  • Vitaly Korneev, Technical Director, Vidikon-K CJSC
  • Nikolay Orlov, Regional Vice-President, Eutelsat S.A.

10 November