16 March 2017
Following up on CSTB. Telecom & Media 2017. TV and telecom in hope for upcoming growth
Between the 7th and 9th of February, Moscow Crocus Expo hosted CSTB. Telecom & Media’ 2017, an international exhibition and forum platform. A year before the significant 20th anniversary this the 19th year was an opportunity for industry leaders, representatives of the private and public sector to meet and discuss the results of the previous year, 2016, which well exceeded the expectations. The telecom and media industry adjusted itself to the new regulations, and continued its upward trend. Within business sections of the forum industry experts spent three days talking over the unresolved issues. CSTB. Telecom & Media’ 2017 provided a platform to discuss critical matters with representatives of relevant authorities, negotiate cooperation initiatives, announce new partnership projects and new TV channels, and present the latest technological innovations. Every year, this event is the first in the calendar, and it has earned a reputation of being a market benchmark that helps identify cutting-edge trends in TV broadcasting and telecom. During the three days’ of the event, 25,117 people attended the event which featured over 400 brands from 29 countries.
16 March 2017
Challenges and Horizons of Pay TV Market Discussed by Industry Experts at ‘Media without Borders’ Roundtable
The ‘Media without Borders’ roundtable brought together top officials of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia, RTRN, and largest market players, on the first day of the milestone event of the TV and telecom industry, the 19th international exhibition and forum CSTB. TELECOM & MEDIA 2017. The discussion was moderated by Yuri Pripachkin, President of the Russian CATV Association, and Yana Churikova, Head of Youth and Music Channels at VIACOM.
15 February 2016
Russian Pay TV Market Realities and Trends Discussed at the CSTB.Telecom&Media’2016 Forum
The 18th international exhibition and forum CSTB.Telecom&Media, 2016 brought together leading representatives of the TV and telecommunications industry at the Crocus Expo centre to discuss the results of 2015 and the challenges facing the industry in 2016. Gathering at a time of dramatic changes in the economic environment that has sent shockwaves through the industry, delegates actively participated in the business programme of the conference, panel and lobby discussions, whilst manufacturers displayed their latest technological achievements on the exhibition floor, where traditionally they demonstrate their powerful innovative potential; it is a hallmark event showing the best and latest in TV and telecommunications technologies. During the 3 day event, leading market players shared their ideas on how to build a TV and telecom business in a declining margin environment. The exhibition was visited by 24,273 people, and 400+ brands from more than 29 countries were represented.
16 February 2015
XVII International CSTB.Telecom & Media’2015
The XVII International CSTB.Telecom & Media’2015 tradeshow has amply demonstrated the investment and monetization opportunities in the Russian TV industry as well as the convergence and divergence processes among the pay TV market players and the positive economic measures now in place and prospects for the Russian TV broadcasting.
29 January 2015
The winners of the the National multi-channel digital tv awards “BOLSHAYA TSIFRA-2015” were announced
The winners of the the 6th National multi-channel digital tv awards “BOLSHAYA TSIFRA-2015” were announced on January, 28.
15 February 2014
The most recent trends of the TV broadcasting business.

The most recent trends of the TV broadcasting business, as well as the evolution and the future of the television were the main themes at the 16th International Forum and Tradeshow CSTB’2014.

The experts of television and telecom industries from 27 countries discussed the most topical themes of the Russian TV broadcasting industry.

The 16th CSTB’2014 Forum and Tadeshow has successfully taken place in Moscow’s “Crocus Expo” Centre. The events of the CSTB have been visited by 23757 people. During the three days of the Forum, from the 28 to 30th of January the participants as well as the visitors familiarized themselves with the achievement of the leading Russian and international telecom and broadcasting companies, operators and manufacturers. The space of the tradeshow was over 18000 square meters with over 500 exhibitors from 27 countries of the world. The events gained the support of the Moscow Government, Moscow Chamber of Trade and Industry, The Federal Agency for Media and Mass Communications, The RF Chamber of Trade and Industry as well as the Russian Association of Cable Television and the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM).

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